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5 Tips For Cleaning Glass Without Streaks

If you truly want your patience to get tested then you should go for cleaning th windows. This task will drain away your energy as despite immense cleaning and spraying you end up with the residue. There will always be the streaks over the window glass. You will really find the streak quite easily, especially in the lights. You will end up in the great mess. No matter what glass you clean up, whether it be the dining table or kitchen splashbacks Auckland, you will surely find yourself in such condition. If you want to get free from such a painful chore and make it a piece of cake then you will have to follow these guidelines mentioned below.

Go Distilled In The Cleaning Of Kitchen Splashbacks

People never pay attention to the type of water they are using, as they believe that water is water no matter what. Whereas the real factor of the quality of water plays a vital role. You need to go for the distilled option. If you will use this water only then you will be able to witness the clear glass. The glass on kitchen splashbacks reflects merely everything thus you need to be very careful about the quality of water as even that gets reflected. The minerals and other deposit will be left as the residue. They will be seen as the streaks, so to avoid any such scenario go for the distilled option.

Use Of Vinegar

If you haven’t realized the importance of Vinegar by now then you will have to value it from now on. Vinegar is a must-have commodity that should be present in any house. Whether the vinegar is sprayed over the kitchen splashbacks Auckland or on the salad, it plays a vital role. You must have understood that vinegar never cost as much as its worth.

Vinegar can help you a great deal thus you don’t have to look for expensive solutions in the market. All you need is to wipe the table along with a vinegar and cotton cloth, and that is it you are good to go.

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Avoid Soaps

You should realize that suds instead of helping remove the streaks actually mount them up. Minimize the use of soaps even if the table is extremely messy. You need to trust the power of vinegar or other chemicals. But just avoid the usage of soap else you won’t ever achieve the crystal clear effect.

Avoid Paper Towels

Paper towels are not much help as you think. Just avoid their usage and instead make use of the newspaper for cleaning. Roll of paper towels have the tendency to leave the streaks thus you should avoid their usage.

Use Cloth

It doesn’t really matter how well you are cleaning the kitchen splashbacks Auckland.  You will never get satisfied with the cleaning until you leave it with a quick buff. Use the microfiber cloth if you really want the streaks to get disappear.

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